Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why Cliff Lee won't sign with the yanks

OK Everyone and their psychic advisors have predicted that Lee will sign with the yanks but hold on one second.  Now, of course, I have no idea what motivates Lee.  It is possible that he is a mercanery and will sign with the highest bidder, but assuming the money is close, don't you think other things might factor into his decision?  There is no love in New York.  You are just a part of a machine, not an actual human being.  Going to NY, Lee will not be the number guy.  He will take a seat behind Jeter and CC.  Even if he wins world series' with them, how much credit will he get?  Now in Texas, he will be the leader of that pitching staff.  He will get most, if not all, of the credit if they win the world series.  Now that has to count for something when you are dealing with players who have huge egos.  Also take into account that Texas is a young team that stands to be good for a while.  The yanks are getting old fast and you really don't know what the future holds there.  Then there's chemistry.  I have to believe that Lee likes his teammates in Texas.  I'm sure the yankees are fine men as well, but in Texas, he knows what he's getting into.  Now, of course, I'm biased.  I don't want to see Lee in pinstripes and if the yanks make a ridiculously stupid offer like 7 years 200 mil then all bets are off.  But let's hope that Lee has a soul.